Tiffany Fletcher

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Lyricist

Allow Me to Excel Your Next Event!

Are you looking for a dynamic female keynote speaker who will provide an unforgettable experience for your next event? Tiffany Fletcher will inspire your audience and lead them to embrace change and challenges from the perspective of growth. Tiffany is a speaker with heart. Through her remarkable story of courage and hope, she teaches audience members how they can overcome challenges, face change with courage, and find resilience in adversity. Her caring, compassionate, and personal touch will leave audience members better than they came.

Keynote Topics

Turn Your Light On! 

Inspirational Keynote for Individuals and Caretakers

We have all journeyed through darkness—whether in our own life, or while caring for the life of another. In this journey we’re all in, adversity is inevitable. What we need in our journey is a way to face adversity with courage and a smile. But how is that done? It’s really rather simple. You overcome the darkness, by simply turning on your light.

Desmond Tutu said, “Hope is the ability to see that there is light, even when there is so much darkness.” Through her inspirational style and the power of her own personal story, Tiffany shares how to find, and hold onto that hope that allows you to both see and walk in the light, even when there is so much darkness. By teaching simple coping skills that Tiffany has applied in her own life, she teaches audiences how to generate their own light so that they can go out and light the candle of others.

In this keynote, Tiffany will: 

  • Encourage participants to see happiness as a choice
  • Empower participants to apply brain-training techniques for positivity
  • Promote the power of self-care, especially when caring for others
  • Create an atmosphere of connection
  • Improve participants’ ability to cope with adversity through resiliency training
  • Aid participants in the application of resiliency skills 

How this resiliency training can help your organization:

  • Encourages mental wellness and decreases stress
  • Increases engagement in a purpose-driven life
  • Promotes individual connectedness
  • Increases overall health and wellbeing
  • Protects against mental health problems
  • Fosters a greater ability to manage setbacks and failures
  • Personal difficulties have less impact on everyday life
  • An overall happier state of being

The Resiliency Factor 

Keynote for Businesses and Organizations 

Clinical research out of Columbia University described failure as an inevitable part of work and one of life’s most common traumas. Whether your employee’s personal life is spilling over into their work, or corporate change is changing everything they know and love and stopping employees from engaging, what are you doing for your employees to combat negativity and failure? La Masia, the Barcelona youth academy said, “The number one predictor of success is resilience.”

Resiliency Training is an integral part of a successful organization. Leaders who implement, develop and exemplify resiliency skills within their own organizations, see a greater increase to individual and organizational growth. Thankfully, resilience is a learned skill set and Tiffany is an expert in resiliency.

In this keynote, Tiffany will: 

  • Support participants in learning how to better manage emotions
  • Identify tricks to stay in a more positive state of mind
  • Empower participants to embrace change
  • Facilitate coping skills to apply when in adversity
  • Bolster employee mental health and wellness
  • Promote a positive atmosphere for greater growth and change

How resiliency training can help your company: 

  • Increases employee engagement
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Promotes teamwork and connectedness
  • Increases overall employee health and wellness
  • Protects against mental health problems
  • Employees are more able to manage setbacks and failures
  • Difficulties in personal life have a less impact on work life
  • An overall happier work environment